Monday night Football 2019 will be even more exciting with the Williston Rotary Club Football Pool!!   For $20 per book, you can participate in 17 chances to win $50, one time for each Monday night game September 9, 2019 to December 23, 2019.  
Each game book is numbered, and that number is what you will use to know whether you are a winner.  The final score of each game determines the winning number as laid out in your game book.  Find the winning number for each game in your game book.   If the number of your book is the winning number for a game, contact your the Williston Rotary to collect your winnings!  Your winnings will be remitted to you as a mailed check.  Winning numbers will be posted here each week.    
Contact a Williston Rotarian directly or email us at   Let us know if you've won by Super Bowl Sunday.  Please be aware that it is your responsibility to contact Williston Rotary to claim your winnings.  
Thank you for your support of the Williston Rotary.   Proceeds of this and other fundraising efforts go to community projects such as the annual Rotary 3rd Grader Dictionary Project, Banquet West, Davidson Park picnic pavilion, youth leadership camps, scholarships, and other efforts.
Detailed Game Book Instructions
The book number and board number at the front of your book will be the number you use throughout the season to check if you have a winning score. The bold numbers at the top and left side represent the last digit in the final score of each Monday night game. As you will notice in your book, these numbers change weekly and were randomly chosen.  To find if you have won, take the last digit from the Visitor's final score and the last digit from the Home team's final score and read across and down the grid to where the two meet.   The number where the two meet is the winning number.   If the winning number is your book number, you have won!.  Each book give you 17 chances to win this season.
Winning Book Numbers - Updated throughout the 2019 Football Season
Game 1- September 9, 2019  Texans at Saints 
   Final Score:         28-30
   Winning Book:   #74
Game 2 Broncos at Raiders  September 9, 2019
  Final Score:          16-24   
  Winning Book:   # 13
Game 3  Browns at Jets  Browns at Jets  September 16, 2019
   Final Score:         23 -3 
   Winning Book:   # 47
Game 4  Bears at Redskins  September 23, 2019
   Final Score:         31  15
   Winning Book:   # 23 
Game 5 Bengals at Steelers  September 30, 2019
   Final Score:          3  27
   Winning Book:   # 78
Game 6  Browns at 49ers  October 7, 2019
   Final Score:          3  31
   Winning Book:   #61
Game 7  Lions at Packers  October 14, 2019
   Final Score:          22  23
   Winning Book:   # 75
Game 8  Patriots at Jets  October 21, 2019
   Final Score:  33  0
   Winning Book:   # 33
Game 9  Dolphins at Steelers  October 28, 2019
   Final Score: 14  27
   Winning Book:   # 68
Game 10  Cowboys at Giants  November 4, 2019
   Final Score:  37  18
   Winning Book:   # 95
Game 11  Seahawks at 49ers  November 11, 2019
   Final Score:  27  24
   Winning Book:   #9
Game 12  Chiefs at Chargers  November 18, 2019
   Final Score:  24  17
   Winning Book:   # 30 
Game 13  Ravens at Rams  November 25, 2019
   Final Score:  45 6
   Winning Book:   # 9
Game 14  Vikings at Seahawks  December 2, 2019
   Final Score:  30  37
   Winning Book:   # 10
Game 15  Giants at Eagles  December 9, 2019
   Final Score:   17  23
   Winning Book:   #20
Game 16  Colts at Saints  December 16, 2019
   Final Score:  7  34
   Winning Book:   # 82
Game 17  Packers at Vikings  December 23, 2019
   Final Score:  23 10
   Winning Book:   # 82